Simply red men and women

My knee-jerk response, had I not stopped to ponder the issue, may have been something to the effect of, “Well, of course. Men have been making it a point to stop and admire women they happen to see when they’re out and about since the dawn of recorded time. And probably before that as well.”

Such masculine women will forever be disappointed, because no masculine man could ever tolerate such women. No, the only kind of men they will ever attract are the beta feminine men, whom they don’t respect and therefore can never be satisfied with as a long-term partner.

Deep Red was very popular here when I was a teen, when it was still kind of new and the clumsy matte bottle seemed modern and cool. I was never a Hugo Boss perfume kind of girl, but from my perspective now I'd say this smells good and is one of the best fragrances by them.

I smell blood orange and sweet citrus notes in general, mixed with vanilla and a hint of sandalwood. Lots of ginger give the scent a fresh, fizzy quality without being too sharp.
In the heart the tuberose is very noticeable to me. I'm surprised it's not voted higher, maybe because it's not an old school or very naturalistic tuberose, but a modern, a bit fresher and slightly plasticy one, if that makes sense. Anyways, it's clearly there.
The drydown is sweet and warm, a bit creamy and still hints to the citric fresh top notes.
For some reason Deep Red makes me think of Hypnotic Poison sometimes. Not that they're dupes, but they share a similar vibe. Deep Red is lighter and fresher though, and also a bit flatter in the drydown.
I think it's a bright, sweet and youthful scent with an edge. Sexy, warm, but not really deep and mysterious. I will leave it in the 2000s where it really belongs. But if the notes sound good to you, it's definitely still worth a try today.

Simply Red Men And WomenSimply Red Men And WomenSimply Red Men And WomenSimply Red Men And Women