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“I wish everyone could spend at least one day at The GOD’S CHILD Project. You could see the great work being done to educate children and improve lives. You would also see that a small donation makes a real difference in a child’s life. The GOD’S CHILD Project is their only hope to rise out of the poverty into which they were born.”

Ephesians 2 uses the phrase “dead in your sins.” But what does that really mean? Dead means lifeless, powerless, inanimate. It means we were incapable of doing anything to change our situation. But God is loving and merciful, and He chose to give us new life. That’s the beauty of His grace—we’ve done nothing to deserve it. He simply gives it to us. And once we’re alive in Him, He gives us the privilege of walking in this new life and serving Him.

The costume worn by Wonder Woman ’s star, the Israeli actress and former beauty queen Gal Gadot, is altogether more stern. The kinky boots have been replaced by a pair of gladiatorial thigh-highs; the body suit, constructed out of some cunning alloy of spandex and bronze, is, if not quite armor, at least armor-themed. The outfit isn’t much less revealing, and only marginally more practical, than the old one. (It’s still strapless and her legs must still get rather chilly when she’s stalking villains in cold climates.) But it does at least communicate some martial ferocity and menace. Thus attired, Wonder Woman might plausibly intimidate even her haters at the UN.

Gods Gift God's Gift Groovin' On ByGods Gift God's Gift Groovin' On ByGods Gift God's Gift Groovin' On ByGods Gift God's Gift Groovin' On By